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3 - 5 september 2013
Krasnodar, Exhibition center «Kuban Expocentre»
International Infrastructure DevelopmentExhibition - South of Russia

Business programme of the ECOS 2011


The Congress “Infrastructure development of the South of Russia” comprises two conferences:

  • The Conference “Ecology of the South of Russia”, 5 October 2011
  • The Conference “Engineering infrastructure of the South of Russia”, 6 October 2011

Conference organiser: ITE
Venue: Conference hall 2, Pavilion 1, Kuban Expocentre


Registration of participants


Plenary session “Ecology Infrastructure of the South of Russia: Problems, Strategy and Prospects”

Chairwoman: Boris Kochurov, CEO, Kamerton Publishing House; Senior Researcher, Institute of Geography RAS; Professor; PhD; academician of MAIB; member of the Board of OOD Ecosfera.         
Topic: Eco-diagnostics and a culture of environmental management as the basis for the modernisation of Russia 

Anatoliy Baturin, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Stavropol Region
Topic: Improvement of waste management system in Stavropol region

Alexander Kim, Deputy Head of the Department of the Federal Services for Supervision in the Field of Nature Use in the South Federal District
Topic:Environmental condition in the South Federal District

Mikhail Malkov, President of the Association for Waste Recycling
Topic:Integrated waste management systems for municipalities

Evgeniy Kozmin, CEO of  Evraziyskiy
Topic: Ecology and innovations in large-scale utilities modernisation projects in the South of Russia with participation of private investors

Stanislav Miroshnikov, Head of State Ecological Control Division, Department of Natural Resources and State Ecological Control of Krasnodar Region
Topic: Payments for adverse environmental impact as a mechanism for environment quality regulation

Sergey Kuschev, Head of the department for organisation of work in the field of production and consumption waste management, payment accounting and recording of target areas of adverse environmental impact
Topics: Implementation of investment infrastructure project in Volgograd region on development of an interdistrict  municipal network in the sphere of production and consumption waste management


Tea/coffee break

12.30- 14.30

Section “Equipment and technology for preventing and eliminating hydrocarbon spills.  Oil spill response plan” 

Dmitriy Avramov, Head of department of industrial safety, labor safety and ecology of LUKOIL-Ugnefteproduct and
Andrey Sergienko, Chief engineer of LUKOIL-Ugnefteproduct
Topic: Environmental aspects of petroleum products enterprise as an essential factor of environmental protection in the region.

Natalia Golovinskaya, Lead Engineer of Industrial Safety Department, Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port JSC
Topic: Ecological activities of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port JSC

Pavel Ermakov, Head of the Department for Industrial Ecological Monitoring and Control of Ecology Division, Peter Gas LLC
Topic: Industrial ecological control (monitoring) as a key instrument of the ecological management system during construction of gas transportation facilities in Krasnodar Region

Sander  van Hattem, Pieralisi Benelux B.V. (Holland)
Topic: Slop oil processing systems based on centrifugal separation technique, a different perspective


  • Environmental protection at production facilities, and in the transportation and processing of hydrocarbons
  • Treating water and sewage contaminated with oil and petroleum products
  • Treatment and remediation of soil contaminated with oil and petroleum products
  • Environmental protection of the sea and coastal areas
  • Technologies and equipment for the processing and disposal of collected oil and petroleum products, and waste sorbents


Tea/coffee break

15.00- 17.00

Roundtable “Territorial planning.  Environmental protection in urban planning”  

Chairwoman: Irina Ivashkina, Head of the Territorial Planning Information Support Sector, SUE NIiPI General Plan of Moscow
Topic: Environmental protection strategy for the development of major cities

Igor Mazurok, First Deputy Head of the Department for architecture and city planning of Krasnodar Region
Topic: Green standards of territorial planning

Tatiana Varshavina, Head of Smart  Geoinformational Technology Centre, Candidate of Biological Science, Docent of Geographical Department of Adygei State University (Maikop).
Coreporters: Olga Plisenko, Mikhail Getmansky, Vitaly Zorin, Alexander Solodukhin, Elena Gadalova
Topics: Forecasting of ecologically important environmental factor based on structural similar model of geospace

Valery Azarov, Director of Volgogorchimstroy NIIPI OOO, Doctor of technical Science, Professor, Honoured Ecologist of the RF (Volgograd)
Topic: Atmosphere pollution in big cities

Alexander Kamyshev, NPC “Ecology and Environmental Monitoring”, Saratov
Topic: Investment projects of production and consumption waste processing and disposal

Topics for discussion:

  • Territorial planning of regions and municipalities
  • Environmental aspects and development priorities of cities
  • Architecture and nature
  • Green construction


Closing remarks by Session Chairman. Q&A


Cocktail reception for the opening of the conference

The conference “Engineering infrastructure of the South of Russia”
Day 2
Thursday 6 October


Plenary session “Engineering infrastructure of the South of Russia: opportunities for development” 

Speeches of representatives of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region and Heads of municipal services


Tea/coffee break


Roundtable “Water supply and sewerage.  Sewage treatment”

Sergey Boreisha, Chief Process Engineer, SochiVodokanal Branch, Yugvodokanal OOO
Topic: Engineering support of Olympic facilities in terms of nature reserve protection

Alexander Skryabin, Executive director  - Chief engineer, PO Vodokanal, Rostov-on-Don
Topic: PO Vodocanal OAO Ecological Policy in Action

Yuriy Sedlukho, Head of Scientific-Technical Centre of Polymerconstruction UP (Belarus), Doctor of Technical Science, Professor of Belarus National Technical University
Topic: Quality improvement problems of drinking water supply of cities and towns from underground sources

Boris Kalashnikov, Pieralisi Benelux B.V. (Holland) Russia Representation
Topic: Сentrifugal separation systems for municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants

Olga Eremenko, Candidate of Chemical Science, Product Manager, Merc LTD
Topic:Modern methods of water quality analytical control


  • Water treatment technologies and facilities
  • Using wastewater.  A closed system of water management at industrial facilities


  • Cocktail reception for closing of IDES 2011 exhibition
  • EcoYug awards presentation


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